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Who are we?

The research group 'Recovery & Addiction is part of the department of Special Needs Education at Ghent University. We conduct research on various forms of support to promote recovery in young people and adults with substance use problems or other forms of mental vulnerability. We consider it crucial to amplify the voices of individuals with addiction or those in recovery and to develop support and interventions that contribute maximally to their quality of life.

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what does our research group do?

What do we know about recovery and addiction?

Access to various internal and external resources is crucial for recovery. Examples include having sufficient financial means, good physical and mental health, finding support from friends or family, and, if necessary, being able to rely on social services. These resources can be utilized to achieve and sustain recovery.

The collection of all these resources is referred to as recovery capital. Generally, recovery capital is situated at three levels: personal, social, and community levels.

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What do we study?

Currently, several studies are conducted by our research group that focus on addiction and recovery. We often assume that treatment is necessary for recovery, but international research has shown that people are capable of changing themselves, even without professional interventions. In this study, our primary goal is to better understand the complex reality of individuals undergoing a process of change without professional help. To achieve this, we go beyond merely examining substance use and its consequences, focusing on the individual and considering important elements in their social environment and broader society.
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Recent blog posts

Recovery College wit prof. Mike Slade

On Wednesday, March 20, 2024, the second annual Recovery College will be held at Ghent University. With this annual event, we aim make recovery from addiction and mental health issues more visible, placing a strong emphasis on experiential work.

This edition will feature Professor Mike Slade, a pioneer in research on recovery in individuals with mental health problems. Professor Slade holds the position of 'Mental Health Recovery and Social Inclusion' at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom.

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Global Position Paper on Recovery

The Global Position Paper on Recovery (GPPR) is a collaborative effort that aims to further advance the science, practice and policy of addiction recovery. You can support the initiative by signing the paper.

Book Pete Tomlinson
Peter Tomlinson, who works, among other roles, as a researcher in the Department of Orthopedagogy, presented his book 'Beyond Madness' on November 9. Peter is an expert by experience in psychosis and addiction, applying this knowledge as a peer support worker in mental health care. Additionally, he is a voluntary academic affiliate at Ghent University, where he publishes on recovery, psychosis, and experiential expertise.

Between 2013 and 2015, Peter experienced a complete psychosis: extreme emotions, associative thoughts, hallucinations, and delusional beliefs took hold of him. Now that his life is back on track, surprisingly, he is rarely asked how it actually feels to be psychotic.

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